Deter & prevent & prevent forced entry from automotives in and around Van Nuys.

With 车辆撞击攻击 on the rise in the United States and abroad government campus and private facility sites around Van Nuys are assessing vulnerabilities in the protection of their spaces. 反撞墙 can be designed and installed to both look aesthetically pleasing while also providing unparalleled security from attack by automobiles of virtually any size.

Perimeter security is designed to protect employees, visitors, and building functions and services from threats such as unauthorized vehicles approaching close to or penetrating high-risk buildings. The key element in protecting buildings from a vehicular bomb is the establishment of appropriate stand-off distance, depending on the size of the threat and the building characteristics. This is accomplished by a protective barrier system placed to provide at least minimum required stand-off. In an urban situation, this is often not possible, and 替代措施 must be taken.

The main purpose of anti-ram bollards is to provide a sufficient level of protection and mitigation from 官方指定2023年AOA体育真网站(2023全新爆料) to a secured area around Van Nuys . Applications in which anti-ram bollards are normally used include airports, boarder patrol locations, Department of Defense and Department of State facilities, port authorities, public venues, and law enforcement facilities.

Perimeter Security Group can design, build and install a wide range of fixed static vehicle barrier bollards to meet any force protection measures required. We are a certified provider of the industry’s largest barrier manufacturers and can provide a widest range of options around Van Nuys. We can design 官方指定23年AOA体育登陆网址(独一无二 2023全新爆料) along with automated barrier systems that can be activated by a 控制系统 with speed detection and 错误方向检测系统 in a 守卫亭 or building.

Van Nuys 的被动护柱

Permanent bollards for cost-effective protection.

Anti ram 被动(固定)护柱有一系列尺寸和外观取决于所需的保护级别。护柱可以提供从 C40(行驶 40 英里/小时的小型客车)到 M50(行驶 50 英里/小时的中型 15,000 磅卡车)的等级,并且可以安装深基础和浅基础作为护柱可以指定定制装饰覆盖物以匹配设施建筑主题。

Van Nuys 的主动护柱

Automated bollards for sites that demand open access.

Anti Ram Active(可操作)护柱用于需要车辆检查的入口和出口车道、现场入口以及停车场入口和建设服务。根据所需的保护级别,可以提供从 C40(行驶 40 英里/小时的小型客车)到 M50(行驶 50 英里/小时的中型 15,000 磅卡车)的护柱。可伸缩护柱系统由一个或多个独立操作的上升护柱或两个或多个单元组成。护柱是一种地下组件,由基础结构和重型圆柱形护柱组成,可以通过埋入式电动、液压或气动动力装置升高或降低,并通过一系列访问控制设备进行远程控制。还提供手动操作系统:这些系统具有平衡并锁定在向上或向下位置。

使用防撞护柱保护您的 Van Nuys 设施。


选择您的应用程序所需的安全级别。Perimeter Security Group 的护柱产品线范围从 K4/M30到 K12/M50,以在最极端的情况下提供保护。所有车辆门禁控制设备均达到或超过美国国务院、ASTM 和国防部的认证。确保您为物理车辆安全部署的设备已经过最高标准的测试,可抵御恐怖袭击。无论您打算保护军事基地、仓库甚至人行道以保护行人,这种强度都很重要。

防撞护柱和防撞护柱在美学上令人愉悦,允许行人在非道路应用中在护柱之间移动。 €¯ 自动护柱、固定护柱或可拆卸护柱可提供各种装饰罩,您的建筑师可以设计自己的铸模护罩,以反映您建筑的建筑细节。 Perimeter Security Group 可以制造铝、玻璃纤维或拉丝不锈钢套管,所有这些套管都可以直接套在防撞管上。防撞护柱可配备内部警示灯以提高能见度,并专为适应高交通量而设计。还提供开挖最小为 14 英寸的浅基础护柱。这些护柱有固定和可移动选项,额定值高达 K12。

Well designed perimeter physical security systems include high security bollard systems that operate individually or in groups and are used for intermediate to high level security applications. Individual crash rated bollards and anti ram bollards are up to 13.25 inches (336 mm) in diameter, up to 39.3 inches high (1000 mm) and are usually mounted on 3-foot centers. Hydraulic bollards, pneumatic bollards, electromechanical bollards, and manual bollards can be operated by a variety of 控制系统s. Fixed post bollards are available to secure the sides of roadways with the same crash rating and appearance. Manual bollards versions are counter balanced and lock in the up or down position with minimal effort.  All bollards models are crash rated and may be lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles.  Automated bollards can be activated as quickly as 2 seconds under the emergency to thwart an attempt at breaching the entry point.

Optional crash test certified to DOS K-rating
Cost efficient installation
Passive & active options
Urban and corporate settings
Use with planters and hardened furniture for hidden protection
Wide range of options for odd layout & terrain changes
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